grand théâtre - phénix

starting from 14 years
  • 2017
    • Thu. 04 May. > 8pm
    • Fri. 05 May. > 8pm

1 h 15

23 € / 20 € / 18 € / 16 €
carte phénix 18 € / 14 € / 10 €

drama premieres, associate artists, European Creative Hub Campus

from L’Homme incertain by Stéphanie Chaillou
Julien Gosselin, Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur, associate artist European Creative Hub 

Between Les Particules Élémentaires (Atomised) and 2666 – ambitious and astounding theatrical epics coproduced by the phénix – Julien Gosselin created this personal show adapted from L’Homme Incertain, the overwhelming novel by Stéphanie Chaillou.

In this moving monologue, a man questions his past, looking back to a time where life was much simpler. He wanted to possess a farm then, so he studied farming and then bought a farm. He was happy and so were his wife and children. Then, in 1977, he went into bankruptcy… He was 30 years old. Memories are triggered by questions asked by the children. Alongside their father’s story, they tell happy memories. The direction is faithful to the writer’s elegant musical writing. Chanted by Guillaume Bachelé’s music, it makes the spectator walk in this standing man’s shoes, who gets confused by a disrupted world. A powerful and yet fragile inner monologue, tender and melancholic, hauntingly beautiful.

 la pastille du spectacle

Casting Partners

avec Laurent Sauvage
assistant mise en scène Olivier Martinaud
scénographie Julien Gosselin et Nicolas Joubert
création lumière Nicolas Joubert
création vidéo Pierre Martin
création musicale Guillaume Bachelé
création sonore Julien Feryn
arrangements Joan Cambon
administration, production Eugénie Tesson
logistique Emmanuel Mourmant
conception technique et réalisation Ateliers du TNT

production Si vous pouviez lécher mon coeur
TNT – Théâtre National de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées / La Comédie de Béthune / Le théâtre d’Arles, avec le soutien de Montevideo créations contemporaines

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