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  • 2017
    • Fri. 12 May. > 20:00

1 h 30

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classical and baroque music live music

Four Seasons and other concertos by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)


The Four Seasons : Vivaldi’s masterpiece is staggeringly performed by Amandine Beyer and her skilled poetic and colourful bow. The lavish and festive performance of her and her partners is the reason for Gli Incogniti’s renown.

Always surprising, Vivaldi’s audacious music stretches the limits of instrument technique. Violins are like nightingales on a warm spring, the viola becomes a hound, the cello sounds like a crackling fire in a chimney… From joy to melancholy, Vivaldi summons every season’s emotions as a « play for weather ». The Four Seasons were composed around 1720 in Mantoue by a virtuoso ensemble. Gli Incognito is also composed of true soloists, as shown by the other concertos for cello, violin and organ.

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>  Embar(o)quement ImmédiatFestival from  April 29th to May 21st 2017

la pastille du spectacle


Casting Partners

Amandine Beyer violin solo and conducting
Alba Roca, Yoko Kawakubo violins
Marta Páramo alto
Marco Ceccato cello
Baldomero Barciela violone
Francesco Romano theorbo
Anna Fontana harpsichord

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