Europeana. Une brève histoire du XXème siècle

studio - phénix

  • 2017
    • Thu. 21 September. > 5 pm

1h env.

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theatre premieres, associate artists, European Creative Hub Campus

from the novel of Patrik Ouředník
adaptation and staging Sarah Lecarpentier

Europeana – which stands for « the idea of Europe » in Czech is a two-part show on memory plus two side projects.
Ô ma mémoire inspired by Ô ma mémoire, la poésie ma nécessité is the poetic biography throughout the 20th century of a European – aka Stéphane Hessel my grandfather. The second project was inspired by Patrik Ourednik’s Europeana, une brève histoire du 20ème siècle, a text as complex as it is absurdly simple. Written in 2002, it is an auto-fiction that tells the story of the people of the 20th century, from the industrial revolution to the Exposition Universelle of 1900, to finish with the 2000 bug. Patrik Ourednik analyzes the 20th century in his very own way and asks us : what about historical truth ? How did we become a society revolving around the individual instead of around the people ? Patrick Ourednik’s nihilism may be compared to Stéphane Hessel’s humanism but in my opinion, they have a similar modern and accurate look on Europe. Ourednik compares facts and suggests that history is not necessarily an improvement, it could be facts repeating themselves while producing wealth and energy. He suggests the idea that losing our way in the 20th century may lead to a brand-new society. What do we have left to understand the world with greater open-mindedness ?

I have the idea of two actors on stage – Lucie Boissonneau and Arnault Lecarpentier, two characters armed with this traveling experience. A man and a woman raising questions : who are they ? Why did they take this journey ? What connects them to Ourednik’s text ? The man will embody the philosophy of knowledge and the woman will embody the philosophy of power and infotainment. I am also very interested in the consequences of this journey off the beaten track. It is a kind of inner journey for two people who may be the two sides of one character. Scenography will be composed of photographs and videos, somewhere between documentary and fiction. Music will also be very important. A musician, Simon Barzilay will be on stage. Lucie Boissonneau will be singing. What matters the most in the end is to look at today’s Europe through the interpretation of the past century and find some keys to live better today.

interview by Patrick Beaumont


texte Patrik Ourednik
adaptation et mise en scène Sarah Lecarpentier

conception Sarah Lecarpentier
décors et lumières Anne Marie Guerrero
scénographie numérique et photo Stéphane Nawrat

avec Lucie Boissonneau et Arnault Lecarpentier
musique Simon Barzilay

vidéo Boris Carré
son Olivier Lautem
régie générale et plateau Sebastien Simon
dramaturgy Kevin Keiss et Sarah Israël
costumes Camille Vallat

production compagnie Rêvages
coproduction le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création
soutiens Institut Français, Drac Hauts-de-France, Région Hauts-de-France, commission Européenne


The European creative hub Campus opened the way for a three-week think tank of dramaturgical projects. Thus the whole artistic team has the opportunity to test a pluralist dramaturgy mixing music, direction, scenography and video. For that matter, the Campus supported Sarah Lecarpentier’s traveling residency in Europe, within the framework of the partnership between the Hauts-de-France region and the Institut Français. For several months, she carried on Patrick Ourednik’s European story by meeting people from Italy, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Germany, together with the photographer and video artist Stéphane Nawrat. The Campus suggested Sarah Lecarpentier benefit from the playwright Sarah Israel’s critical analysis. This latter organized in Munich an event dedicated to intercultural writing.


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