TEDx Valenciennes

grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2017
    • Thu. 16 November. > 6 pm

15 € à 35 € (collations
incluses), 25 € pour les
abonnés du phénix
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septembre 2017 sur


On the occasion of TEDx Valenciennes 3rd edition, about ten speakers will come from France and abroad to meet the audience.
They have 18 minutes and not a minute more to move, surprise and excite with their world-changing ideas.
Under the auspices of the American foundation TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), famous for its striking lectures whose videos are translated and broadcast all over the world, 2 000 TEDx took place in 170 countries and in 110 languages in 2016.
400 people participated at TEDx Valenciennes in 2016, 10 speakers from France, Belgium and Portugal, they have been watched 100 000 times on Youtube.

A TEDx event never leaves someone cold, it is an opportunity to get richer from someone else’s ideas.