Theater - Anzin

  • 2017
    • Sat. 04 November. > 8.30 pm

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live music

dans le cadre des Scènes Sonores, avec le soutien de Valenciennes Métropole

With thirty albums to his credit, Arno still surprises us. His last album Human Incognito recorded with John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Perfume Genius) is another proof of his talent. Playing on stage is essential, it feels like home.
His singular hoarse voice tells his lonesome eye on human lives. Arno hits where it hurts but never gives lectures. He says quietly I love you, drinks to cuckolds, sees a cow dancing tango and agrees that falling in love isn’t romantic.
Free and fragile, Arno does not choose between blues, rock or ballades by a French or English lonesome cowboy. Human Incognito is some positive utopia, he shows how love for danger and rebellion will always be in his blood.