Salawat Dulang


  • 2017
    • Thu. 07 December. > 8 pm

tarif B 17 € / 15 € / 14 € / 12 €
carte phénix 14 € / 10 € / 10 €

live music cinema week end at le phénix

Indonesia is the country that has the world largest muslim population. Consequently, the muslim religion pervades the traditional culture. Come from Sumatra, the songs from Salawat Dulang mix invocation to the Prophet and percussion. Performed on plates usually used to serve rice, their sound uplifts the audience’s spirit. Traditionally performed as a battle between two artists, the show will be performed at the Avant-scène which will be in the colours of Indonesia. And so will be the food !


avec Sinar Barapi et Kilek Barapi